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Dan Healy CEO Of Civitas Capital Investment Group

Thank you for visiting the online home of Civitas Capital Group. I encourage you to spend some time here getting to know us, and to return frequently for updates on our rapidly evolving business.

If this is your first visit, you will quickly learn that Civitas is dedicated to meeting the special needs of global investors. This is the singular focus underlying everything we do, from alternative investments, to EB-5 fund management, to development and advisory services.

Photo of Rafael Anchia and Dan HealyWhile Civitas provides a range of investment products and services, we view this as the “price of admission,” the minimum that a firm must offer the astute international investors it is our mission to serve. This is because, put simply, such investors do not need yet another array of choices and options. There were plenty of those when Rafael Anchia and I founded Civitas in 2008, as the depth of the financial crisis was just becoming apparent, and there are even more today. What sets the Civitas Capital Group family of companies apart is the depth of our relationships with our clients. As the global downturn that affected so many made painfully clear, savvy clients do not need a financial supermarket. They need a partner.

For certain discerning clients, Civitas is that partner. The firm attracts clients who value relationships, long-term thinking and independent, rigorous investment management.

These values are reflected in the firm’s history. From the very beginning, the Civitas team has been comprised of professionals with experience managing money for sophisticated institutions who demand the highest level of quality and transparency. I am extremely proud that our first mandate was a public-private partnership with the municipal government of the City of Dallas, Texas, our hometown, to bring EB-5 investment capital to job-creating projects throughout the city. The federal EB-5 program, through which foreign nationals can receive U.S. permanent residency (a “green card”) in return for investing in a U.S. business that creates jobs for American workers, has proven to be a powerful economic development tool. Through the firm’s EB-5 Capital division, Civitas collaborated with the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development to create the City of Dallas Regional Center (CDRC). Today, the CDRC is one of the most successful EB-5 regional centers in the United States, and has been cited by a variety of media outlets as well as the Brookings Institution as a national model.

Building on the success of the CDRC, Civitas EB-5 Capital now manages regional centers throughout the United States. Our EB-5 public-private partnership program has also expanded to include partnerships with the Texas cities of Fort Worth, El Paso, and Laredo.

I am convinced that Civitas offers the highest quality EB-5 investments available. Clients select Civitas EB-5 Capital because our offerings are honest and transparent. With a relentless focus on quality and client service, our approach sets us apart in an in an increasingly crowded and sometimes confusing EB-5 market. To learn more about what makes Civitas EB-5 Capital different, I invite you to contact us.

While EB-5 was the firm’s sole initial focus, today Civitas is much more – a full-service real estate advisory partner dedicated to truly understanding our clients’ unique needs and providing a comprehensive suite of services to meet those needs.

We found that while some EB-5 clients were quite well-prepared for the process of becoming an American – and all the associated financial, tax, insurance and practical considerations – many were not. In practice, this means providing such clients with much more than EB-5 asset management. It means helping to facilitate their transition not just into the U.S. financial system, but also into American society and culture. It means answering practical questions, such as how to get a driver’s license or evaluate a public school district. And it means each of our clients always has a trusted partner to call on, in their native language, with an understanding of their culture that only a native can provide, long after their investment process is complete.

The same holds true in our Alternative Investments group. Today’s low-yield landscape has led to a boom of so-called “alternative” investment products. But despite an increasingly congested field, the search for quality U.S. alternative investment opportunities has become more difficult, not less – especially for non-U.S. investors. Civitas Alternative Investments has distinguished itself by creating private investment vehicles designed to capitalize on niche, targeted strategies in real estate, lodging and other asset classes that are anything but “off the shelf.” Through longstanding, local market relationships, we dig deeper to unearth rare opportunities to achieve excellent risk-adjusted returns.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope you will contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to serve.

Dan Healy
Daniel J. Healy
Chief Executive Officer
Civitas Capital Group

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