Our Regional Centers

Civitas EB-5 Capital manages Regional Centers throughout the United States. As a professional investment manager, Civitas performs rigorous institutional-quality financial analysis of each potential EB-project, screening a wide range of potential investments to ensure that those few selected meet stringent criteria.

Map of Civitas Regional Centers

Public-Private Partnerships

Through these public-private partnerships, an operating model pioneered by Civitas, we seek to align cities’ economic development initiatives with the goals of EB-5 investors. Civitas works closely with municipal governments to identify high-quality projects that bring investment and significant job creation. Each public-private partnership is tailored to the needs and goals of each city.

The opportunity to leverage foreign capital makes these cities even more competitive and successful as they work to bring new jobs and businesses to the community. Civitas is proud of its work to foster a thriving business environment and create jobs through each of these partnerships while raising the profile of these cities among international investors.

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Irene Shen, Director, Investor Relationst of Civitas Alternate Investments

Irene Shen

Director, Investor Relations


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Manuel F. Ortiz

Director, Investor Relations


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