Alternative Investments Overview

Civitas Alternative Investments is a U.S.-based private real estate investment advisor committed to serving institutional investors, family offices, wealth management advisors and high-net-worth individuals. We provide our clients with exposure to U.S. real estate through a variety of products and services.

Since 2008, Civitas has deployed more than $700 million into U.S. real estate across a range of property types. Each opportunity is carefully vetted and pursued via an investment vehicle designed to achieve specific targeted return objectives.

Civitas does not strive to be all things to all clients, nor do we chase performance at any cost. Rather, we deliver long-term value through niche, targeted strategies and a highly disciplined approach.

Rendering of Aloft

Why Invest In Real Estate?

Today, real estate has evolved into a multi-faceted asset class, capable of meeting a wide range of investment objectives. With the proper approach, real estate offers:

Enhanced Portfolio Diversification

Attractive Absolute and Current Return Potential

Hedge Against Inflation

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Irene Shen, Director, Investor Relationst of Civitas Alternate Investments

Irene Shen

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Manuel F. Ortiz

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