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Civitas does not seek to be all things to all people. The firm’s investment operations are organized around three distinct, mutually reinforcing verticals that leverage our team’s decades of experience and vertically integrated skill set. The result is a set of nimble, focused strategies. We can invest up and down the capital stack and play a variety of roles in a transaction, from investor to lender to developer to co-GP and beyond.


Multifamily is in our DNA. We have invested more capital in more multifamily transactions than any other property types.

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We invest in hospitality because it’s a highly fragmented, rapidly evolving space that requires specialized operational expertise. The increasing overlap between hospitality and multifamily residential is a generational opportunity.

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Special Situations

We pursue asset- and platform-level investments that are exceptionally profitable and/or enable the firm to pilot an investment strategy. Our team is constantly on the lookout for opportunities others miss.

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To connect with a Civitas representative, please complete the contact form below or email us at [email protected].