Who We Are

At Civitas, we take pride in our team of accomplished financial and cultural experts. By drawing on their deep experience, we evaluate every opportunity to ensure that it meets each client’s unique requirements. We dig deeper to find investments that others miss, drawing on a network of top specialists to identify compelling, high-quality opportunities.

Executive Team

Senior Leadership Team

Team Member

Jorge Adler

Jorge Adler

Vice President, Investments

Alec Bowers - Controller, Lodging Investments

Alec Bowers

Associate Vice President, Accounting

Keaton Butowsky - Analyst, Investments

Keaton Butowsky

Analyst, Investments

Senior Investor Relations of Civitas Capital private real estate investment

Stephanie Fang

Vice President, Investor Relations

Susan Farley - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Susan Farley

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Associate Vice President, Investor Relations of Civitas Alternate Investments

Eden Ham

Vice President, Investor Relations

Katherine Jahnke

Katherine Jahnke

Associate Vice President, Accounting

Justin Jesalosky - Analyst, Tax & Fund Accounting

Justin Jesalosky

Associate, Finance & Accounting

Ingrid Kubasova - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Ingrid Kubasova

Executive Assistant

Chandler Kyser - Associate, Investments

Chandler Kyser

Senior Associate, Investments

Leona Li - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Leona Li

Associate, Investor Relations

Bamboo Lin - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Bamboo Lin

Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Matthew Mckenzie

Associate, Investor Relations

Sonja Milton

Vice President, People Experience

Melanie Pugmire - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Melanie Pugmire

Vice President, Lodging Investments

Nico Rizzo

Nico Rizzo

Senior Associate, Asset Management

Matt Tanamach - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Matt Tanamachi

Associate Vice President, Corporate Finance

Justin Temple - Senior Associate, Investments

Justin Temple

Vice President, Investments

Phuong Tran - Senior Associate, Tax & Fund Accounting

Phuong Tran

Associate Vice President, Accounting

Jayson Vail - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Jayson Vail

Associate Vice President, EB-5 Operations

Michael Williams, Associate, Asset Management

Michael Williams

Associate, Asset Management

Zoe Xing - Civitas Capital Group Team Member

Zoe Xing

Senior Associate, Lodging Investments