Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines


Establishing a clear set of guidelines is key to maintaining a successful brand. Consistent application of brand guidelines reflects a firm that cares about the details. Keeping the look of Civitas easily recognizable and consistent develops and reinforces a sense of trust between the firm and our audience.

These standards visually encompass multiple conscious and subconscious messages about who we are as a firm – about what we stand for, about the way in which we do business. By communicating the brand clearly across all platforms, a stronger identity is created. The representation of Civitas needs to be uniform in every aspect, from printed material to our digital and online presence.

Adhering to this set of guidelines ensures that everyone externally and internally applies the brand in a way that maximizes its strength and impact, making it more memorable for employees, investors, and other Civitas stakeholders.


Always use the specific Civitas brandmark

Download Logo (PDF)

Download Logo (AI)

Logo on light background

Logo on dark background

Logo Spacing & Size

Always adhere to spacing guidelines when using the logo. There is no maximum size for the Civitas logo. Civitas logo should never go below .25” in size

Incorrect Logo Usage

Always use the specific Civitas brandmark

Do not change the color of the logo

Do not use logo on backgrounds that provide poor legibility

Do not reverse logo out of backgrounds

Do not crop the logo

Do not put anything over the top of the logo

Do not use outlined version of logo

Do not change the typeface used in the logo

Do not tilt, distort, or alter the aspect of the logo in any way

Do not fill the logo with images, clip art, or gradients

Color Palette

The color palettes shown should be reproduced consistently throughout our applications and collateral. Do not tint the colors or revise the shades in any way. Other colors may be used for certain applications, but are at the discretion of Civitas.

Primary Colors

Pantone 1797
C:12 M:95 Y:84 K:3
R:208 G:49 B:55
HEX #CF3037

Cool Gray
10 C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:75
R:100 G:100 B:100
HEX #646464

Secondary Colors

Pantone Black 7
C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:90
R:55 G:55 B:55
HEX #363736

Pantone 466
C:22 M:32 Y:60 K:0
R:202 G:170 B:120

Pantone 541
C:100 M:84 Y:30 K:16
R:0 G:59 B:113


Always use the specific Civitas brandmark

Primary Typefaces

Secondary Typefaces

Corporate Message

Who We Are

Civitas Capital Group is an alternative investment manager covering compelling, niche opportunities in U.S. real estate and lodging. Driven by relentless creativity, Civitas digs deeper to uncover opportunities that others miss.

Our Purpose

To create opportunities that enrich.

Our Core Values

Civitas has always been a values-driven firm. Since Day One, we have talked openly and often about our firm’s purpose and core values, aligning and refining our work to reflect them. Today, these four core values inform every decision the firm makes:

  • Relentless Creativity
  • Champions of Courage
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Uncompromising Integrity

Core Value No. 1

Relentless Creativity

We take pride in applying multiple lenses, perspectives, and approaches to every problem.

Diversity is a Critical Component of Relentless Creativity

At first we thought it was an obvious core value – but it isn’t, not on its own. Rather, our cultural competency is a required component of our relentless creativity. We are explicit in our intentional application of diversity of thought, age, gender, race, life/work experience, etc., in every possible way. This is a competitive advantage.

Core Value No. 2

Champions of Courage

Faith in ourselves and our team gives the firm and each employee the courage to take chances in the pursuit of excellence.

Core Value No. 3

Commitment to Excellence

“Good enough” is not good enough. We will stand out as excellent.

Core Value No. 4

Uncompromising Integrity

As stewards of trust, we require the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

A Note on: Kindness & Grace

Kindness and grace (“no jerks”) are not values. They are required qualities at Civitas that bind our values, that foster an environment in which these values can be realized and recognized.

Kindness and grace:

  • allow us to support those who step outside their comfort zone in taking courageous, creative chances;
  • are vital components for the crucial conversations that must be had in a “good-to-great,” high-integrity culture;
  • means we must assume good intentions on the part of others.