EB-5 Track Record

Civitas EB-5 Capital manages regional centers throughout the United States. Our experience with EB-5 investments began with the City of Dallas Regional Center (CDRC), where Civitas has attracted more than $500 million in EB-5 capital for job-creating investments through a public-private partnership with the City of Dallas. Building on this success, Civitas has now expanded its EB-5 investment platform to other markets in Texas and across the country.

As a professional investment manager, Civitas performs rigorous, institutional-quality financial analysis for each potential EB-5 project. We screen hundreds of investments every year to ensure that those selected meet EB-5 job creation requirements as well as our own stringent underwriting standards.

Why Civitas EB-5 Capital?

1. High-quality Projects that Meet Requirements and Preserve Capital

Our longstanding partnerships with municipalities and top-tier developers provide us with proprietary access to a robust pipeline of potential EB-5 investments. With a deep bench of investment professionals, Civitas always applies institutional-quality financial analysis to ensure we select investments that fully comply with EB-5 job creation requirements and are designed to preserve investor capital.

2. Client Interests Come First

We work hard so that every Civitas EB-5 investment is structured to both meet complex USCIS requirements related to job creation requirements and target an attractive risk-reward profile, with a focus on capital preservation. Our goals are aligned with the priorities of our investors.

3. Careful and Continuous Project Supervision

We are responsible stewards of the assets entrusted to us. Our asset management team closely monitors the status of every Civitas EB-5 investment, and has the resources and expertise to manage unexpected issues that may arise. Our deep experience mitigates risk for EB-5 investors.

4. A Diverse Team of Financial Experts at Your Service

We pride ourselves on our team of seasoned financial experts whose devotion to our company and clients is unparalleled in the industry. Our diverse staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and speak more than twelve languages, allowing us to develop a complete understanding of each client’s culture and goals.

5. Beyond EB-5

Through Civitas Alternative Investments, the firm provides a range of financial planning and investment management services to fulfill every client’s needs. Our goal is to be a long-term, trusted financial advisor for each of our clients, serving as a resource every step of the way as they make a new life in the U.S.

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Civitas EB-5 Capital

*As of October 2015

Legal Disclaimer: We make no warrants regarding your satisfaction of the EB-5 Program requirements and have not provided and will not provide you with any legal advice regarding your immigration status or the tax consequences to you of an investment. Prior to participating, you must consult your personal immigration lawyer or tax consultant.

“Preserve Capital” and “capital preservation” are terms specific to the financial structure of the investments and means that there are steps in place to help minimize risk of capital loss. As in all securities investments, capital is “at risk” and there are no direct, indirect, or implied guarantees against loss of investor’s capital.