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Darla Wilton - Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

Darla Wilton

Darla Wilton is Chief Operating Officer at Civitas, where she is responsible for its daily business operations, including overseeing human resources, marketing, operations, and servicing aspects of the firm. Ms. Wilton has more than twenty-five years of financial services experience which includes asset management, insurance, and consulting.

Prior to joining Civitas, she served as Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer with Ameritas Investment Corp., a Nebraska-based insurance, retirement, and investment management firm in which she had broad oversight and management responsibilities for its business operations.

Prior to Ameritas, Ms. Wilton served as Director and Senior Business Consultant for investment management corporation BlackRock, where she worked on the business development side and drove sales growth; Senior Vice President and Director of Advisor Services for boutique financial services company Williams Financial Group, where she managed accounts, asset servicing, wealth management, retirement consulting, operations, compliance, and marketing; and Vice President of Field Development and Broker Dealer Operations for AIG Retirement, where she led performance improvement, business development, field services, and talent acquisition initiatives.