DALLAS, September 14, 2012 – The City of Dallas Regional Center (CDRC) commends Congress for its support of the EB-5 Regional Center Program and its passage of bill S. 3245, which reauthorizes the government program through 2015. The House of Representatives demonstrated its support of the three-year extension on Thursday, following the Senate’s approval in August. The bill will now be presented to President Barack Obama for his signature this month.

“Since its inception, cities across the U.S. have seen material benefits from the EB-5 Regional Center Program. From adding revenue-generating businesses to adding tens of thousands of new jobs – the program’s success works in unison to strengthen our economy and revitalize areas of our communities that need it most,” said Daniel J. Healy, director of the City of Dallas Regional Center and CEO of Civitas Capital Group. “We are pleased that Congress realizes and supports the economic gains delivered by the EB-5 Program, and we are especially grateful to those who have vigorously supported the reauthorization. The City of Dallas Regional Center would like to extend a special thank-you to Texas representatives Judiciary Committee Chair Lamar Smith and Senator John Cornyn for their impressive advocacy and tireless support of the bill.”

Through the EB-5 Program, the CDRC currently has commitments to six major transactions totaling more than $120 million and creating a minimum of 2,800 new jobs. Projects have included two affordable assisted-living facilities, expansion capital for an iconic local restaurant chain, a 250-seat call center facility and the redevelopment of a historic building in downtown Dallas into a boutique hotel.

About the City of Dallas Regional Center

The City of Dallas Regional Center is the official EB-5 regional center of the City of Dallas. In a unique public-private partnership, the City collaborates with Civitas Capital Group to provide the highest quality EB-5 investment opportunities to investors around the world. The CDRC takes full advantage of the City of Dallas’ pro-business culture, steady growth and job creation, all of which have made the City and the surrounding region a magnet for corporate headquarters, business expansion and foreign trade.

About Civitas Capital Group

For investors seeking a more progressive and objective evaluation of the options available, Civitas Capital Group is an independent specialty asset management and financial services firm with operating divisions focused on Alternative Investments, EB-5 Funds and Wealth Management. Civitas evaluates the truth that lies at the core of every investment. We dig deeper, using a rigorous process to evaluate investment opportunities from every angle.