Dallas, TX (May 12, 2015) – Civitas Capital Group is pleased to announce the launch of its corporate website in China. The new website, www.civitascapital.com.cn, will provide relevant information about the EB-5 Program, news and videos that show why Civitas is the fund manager chosen by more than 800 families.

The site will also include a photo gallery showing the construction progress of the many projects that are funded through Civitas EB-5 Capital. Chinese investors have provided hundreds of millions of dollars of EB-5 capital to a range of projects that have created thousands of jobs in the U.S. Civitas wanted to create a website that people can access from China in order to diminish the barrier of distance and get closer to clients, Civitas’ most important partners.

“We always welcome our clients to visit our offices in Dallas, but we have investors living abroad in the middle of the immigration process,” said Tina R. Hou, managing director of Civitas. “For these people, the website is a direct channel of communication with us. It doesn’t matter how far away we are, technology brings us closer.”

The website was designed and search engine optimized in China to improve the navigation and content visualization. Thus, it is easier to find the website and within the website, find the information they are looking for.

“Civitas is always looking for new avenues of communication with our investors,” said Mr. Daniel J. Healy, CEO of Civitas. “This new website will allow us to keep investors informed about EB 5 funded projects and investment opportunities beyond the EB-5 Program. They will be able to learn more about the company that is managing their investments in the U.S. and find information about other opportunities in the U.S. real estate market.”


The Civitas Capital Group family of companies provides a range of products and services for institutional investors, family offices and qualified individuals. Through its affiliates, the firm offers investment strategies to people interested in investing in the EB-5 Program for immigration purposes or in the U.S. real estate market through our Alternative Investment division.



史维特斯资金集团(Civitas Capital Group)非常高兴的宣布其全新中文网站的推出。新网站www.civitascapital.com.cn 所提供有关EB-5项目的文章、新闻和视频,将展示史维特斯为什么会被800多户家庭选为基金管理人。


史维特斯执行董事侯利君(Tina R. Hou)表示:“我们十分欢迎客户直接来访我们位于达拉斯的总部,但我们也有处于移民过程的投资者居住在美国以外。对于这部分投资人而言,网站是他们与我们沟通的直接管道。而不管我们相距多远,科技总能使我们更亲近。”


史维特斯首席执行官何利丹(Daniel J. Healy)先生表示:“史维特斯一直在寻求与投资者沟通的新渠道。这个新网站能帮助我们随时与投资人分享EB-5项目进展,以及EB-5项目之外的投资良机。投资者也能更了解为他们在美国管理资产的公司,并发掘美国房地产市场的其它投资机遇。”