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Can an investor use a gift to fund their EB-5 investment?

Utilizing Gift Funds for EB-5 Investment: A Professional Explanation

A frequently raised inquiry regarding the source of funds for EB-5 investments is the feasibility of utilizing gifts. The answer is yes; in fact, it’s a common scenario that Civitas encounters with many clients.

Gifting as a source of funds can originate from various relationships, with parents gifting to children being a familiar example. Additionally, generous family members or close friends may be involved. It’s crucial to emphasize that the donor’s willingness to provide information regarding the lawful acquisition of the gifted funds is paramount.

Whether the source is real estate, income, or something else, transparency and documentation are essential. As long as the donor is comfortable presenting this information, it can be incorporated into your EB-5 application.

Key Points:

  • Gifts are a viable source of funds for EB-5 investments.
  • Transparency regarding the gift’s origin is crucial.
  • Documentation of the donor’s lawful acquisition of funds is required.