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How does concurrent filing benefit an EB-5 applicant?

A significant change in 2022 significantly streamlined the immigration process for EB-5 investors who reside in the US. The introduction of concurrent filing allows you to submit your I-485 adjustment of status application alongside your I-526E petition. This is a positive change from the previous EB-5 process, which required I-526 approval before submitting the I-485.

This change offers two crucial and fast supplementary benefits to the US-based EB-5 investor as they wait for I-526E approval:

  • The Employment Authorization Document (EAD) grants you permission to legally work in the US while your green card application is pending. This can be crucial for supporting yourself and your family during the process.
  • The Advance Parole Travel Document (APTD) allows you to leave the US and return without having to reapply for your visa while your green card application is pending. This offers travel flexibility and avoids potential disruptions to your green card journey.

This modernized approach allows you to achieve your green card goals more efficiently and enjoy the benefits of authorized employment and travel earlier in the process.