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How to select a Regional Center?

Selecting an EB-5 Regional Center is a crucial step in your green card journey. Here’s why a thoughtful approach is essential:

Long-Term Commitment: The EB-5 process is a marathon, not a sprint. With timelines potentially spanning 3-7 years, you’re entering a long-term relationship with your chosen Regional Center.

Proven Track Record: Experience matters. Select a Regional Center with a successful history of managing diverse projects across economic cycles. They should have demonstrated a proven ability to consistently raise EB-5 capital, create jobs, and return investor funds.

Beyond Green Cards: While obtaining a green card is a primary goal, so is recouping your investment. Focus on finding a Regional Centers with a strong track record of project completion and investor repayment. Ask about their success rate in returning capital alongside green card approvals.

Expertise Beyond Sales: Look beyond a Regional Center’s sales team. Ensure they have a dedicated staff equipped to manage your investment, track project progress, and provide regular updates. The most reputable Regional Centers offer comprehensive support for both you and immigration counsel.

Some Key Questions for Regional Centers:

  • How many years have they been involved with the EB-5 program?
  • How many projects have they successfully completed?
  • How many of their investors have been approved by USCIS?
  • How many investors have they repaid?

By prioritizing these factors, you can select a reliable EB-5 Regional Center that will guide you effectively throughout your green card journey.