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Does an EB-5 investor have to invest the full amount prior to filing their I-526E petition?

For individuals seeking permanent residency through the EB-5 program, the timing of the full investment requirement often raises concerns. The good news is, you can initiate the green card process with a partial investment, demonstrating your commitment and active steps towards fulfilling the complete financial obligation.

This flexibility acknowledges the practical realities faced by many investors. Accumulating the full $800,000 or $1.05 million may require time and financial planning. By partnering with an experienced regional center and immigration law firm, you can unlock the strategic advantage of the partial investment option.

Expedite Your Green Card Journey:

The greatest benefit of doing partial funding or investing through installments is that it allows you to start the process now. By filing, you will be able to secure your priority date, establish your place in the green card queue, and potentially accelerate your timeline. Meanwhile, you can use the additional time to finalize your funding plan with greater flexibility.

Demonstrate Commitment:

While utilizing the partial investment option, you and your immigration attorney will need to meticulously document your commitment to fulfilling the full amount. This requires transparently communicating to USCIS your intent and progress towards how you will be completing the investment.

Completing the Investment:

Once you secure your funding, you and your immigration attorney will file a supplemental investment document, ensuring USCIS receives the complete picture.